Rooms Lodz

Rooms Lodz

Rooms for rent in Lodz

Boutique Hotel's is offering rooms in the center of Lodz.

If you are looking for good quality service at competitive price please give us a call.The rooms are located in Boutique Hotel's venues located at the center of Lodz, near train station Lodz Kaliska.

The map of Lodz at the top of this web page presents location of Boutique Hotel's.

Our Boutique Hostel’s is happy to present you its huge variety of sleeping places in Lodz. All of them are known for representing really high standards and competitive prices. If you decide to stay at our place, you can easily see what we are talking about. We offer you several places. All of them are located in the city of center, so you will have no problems with reaching any destination. It does not take more than few minutes to visit such places as Manufactory, Polytechnic or other most important objects, which you may be interested in. Just inform us what you are looking for and we, as a professional team, will do our best to present you the offer, which is going to meet all of your requirements. You can be sure that thanks to us you will find your cozy room to take a rest and recharge your power before the next day of visiting Lodz. Our offer aims to meet the interest of people visiting the city due to different reasons or needs. We are ready to host travelers, businessmen, families with children, or even people who treat Lodz just as a transfer city. All of them can use our single, double and triple rooms, which are the most comfortable and can offer you the highest level of satisfaction.
Perfect localization
All of our rooms are located in the best strategic parts of the city. As they can be easily found in the heart of Lodz, you can be sure that you will have no problems with reaching any destination you may be interested in. We put a lot of effort to offer our guests the easiest ways of using the public transportations. If you are going to visit such places as Manufactory, Polytechnics or even Atlas Arena, you can be sure that it will not take you more than several minutes by walk. If you are going to visit us with your own cars, it will be even much more comfortable for you. Do not worry about a parking place. The price for your staying includes a great place in our parking zone, which is moderated 24 hours a day. We do everything to guarantee our guests the highest level of safety and perfect conditions of all the cars, which have been left under our control. The perfect localization of our places can be used in a lot of different ways, so you can be sure that you are going to enjoy your staying in our rooms.
Competitive prices
We offer you prices, which not many other places can present you. They are incredibly competitive and, what is more, they include high standards of services provided by us. You can be sure that you are not going to pay a lot and you will receive everything what you are looking for. We offer you not only rooms, which are fully furnished, but also bathrooms with warm water and well-organized kitchen. You can use them in any way you want. If only you are interested in cooking, we have nothing against, but you also should know that we offer you nice breakfast. They costs 10 zloty and they contain warm meal together with several additional meals and drinks. It may be a great way to start your day, which is going to guarantee you a lot of energy and positive attitude for a long time. 
High-quality services
We offer you professional services, which can meet all of your needs Just tell us what you are the most interested in and you can be sure that we will present you the most attractive rooms, which are going to suit your needs in the most perfect ways. Our rooms have everything you need. All of them contain LCD TV and high-quality Wi-Fi Internet connection, so you can be sure that you can use them any time you want to communicate with your friends, family or business partners. They can be used as a great way of entertainment as well. If you are tired, just watch one of movies, which are being presented by a lot of international channels or just play your favorite music thanks to Internet. You can get totally relaxed after a short while. Every person can be sure that we will do everything to offer the best conditions for our guests. All of the beds are modern and comfortable, so they are going to recharge your energy for the next day. Our rooms have a good connection with well-furnished bathrooms and all of them guarantee you access to the warm water. Without any problems you can take a warm shower, which is going to make you feel comfortable and at ease. It is a great way to relax after a busy day, for example after many hours of sightseeing or taking part in an important business meeting with business partners from all over the country.
Who can use our offer?
Our offer aims to guarantee safe and comfortable conditions for every person interested in staying in Lodz. It does not matter what is your reason. You can be a tourist who wants to experience different aspects of life in Lodz or a businessman who came here for an important meeting. We are happy to host families with many children or students, who came to gain education here. Whatever you are going to do in London, you have to know that you are more than welcome in our comfortable rooms. Just tell us what is your reason and we will try to offer you a room in the best place, so you do not have to spend too much time on the transportation. If you are a student, we will be happy to present you a great offer of rooms located next to the Polytechnic, which will help you to reach your destination just in several minutes.  If you are just a tourist, we will be happy to give you some advices about visiting the most important places in Lodz. You can be sure that we will do everything to make your staying at our place as much comfortable and positive as only it is possible.
We also can offer you a comfortable conference room, which can be used without any problems to organize an important business meeting. It has space for more than forty people and it can be arranged in a many different ways, depending on the needs of the organizers. All of the members of the conference can stay in our cozy rooms, which offer them a great way to relax after a busy day and prepare themselves for the next day of important and sometimes even stressful business meetings with other business partners in the well-prepared and organized in the best way conference room.

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