ul. Legnicka/Kwiska 1/3



Looking for the accommodation we always pay our attentions to the location. In such cities as Wrocław, which is full of beautiful monuments, it is a vital factor. Boutique Hotel's is situated in a very attractive centre of Wroclaw, only 4 km from the Market Square. In the entire building there is wireless Internet and in the lobby there is a machine that serves freshly ground aromatic coffee, chocolate and tea. Every room is equipped with water as well as coffee and tea making set. From 7:00am to 10:00am we serve a delicious and hot buffet breakfast.

Boutique Hotel's is situated on the corner of Legnicka and Kwiska Street. It is a safe, comfortable and prestigious place. The satisfaction of our Guests is always our priority therefore, apart from the convenient location of our hotel, we provide a high quality of service which even improves the experience connected with our object, being located in one of the most attractive places in Wrocław.